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A Message from our President

Thank you for your interest in our firm and how it might assist you to achieve financial direction and confidence in your financial future.

Throughout my career, I have worked with individuals and families striving to achieve this very worthy goal. Experience has shown me that financial confidence is not always achieved by high earnings alone. Many high-income people spend almost all of what they make and do not end their career adequately prepared, perhaps as a result of a false confidence that large incomes can create. Conversely, some of the most financially prepared individuals in our society are those that do not own businesses or have high incomes, but have saved by personal sacrifice and thrift. Often, I have seen the very same caution that aided some clients in reaching their level of preparedness follow them into retirement and keep them from fully enjoying the benefits of their hard work. The root cause for these and other financial conditions is the same…lack of a plan.

We earnestly endeavor to empower individuals and their families with the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve financial security. We believe this condition is achievable by all who sincerely and deliberately plan for success and consistently implement and work within the structures and guidelines of that plan.

Early in my career, it became apparent that middle and upper-middle income people are typically the most underserved when it comes to financial planning. People at this income level represent the vast majority of the population and include wage earners and business owners alike. Unlike the wealthy who can pay high fees representing a very a small percentage of their total wealth to collaborative advisors, middle and upper-middle income people usually use a CPA for income tax and accounting, a broker for investment management, an agent for insurance, and an attorney for estate planning, with little or no correlation between them. Frequently, the advice of one circumvents the advice of others.

We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can provide a collaborative approach that will utilize the expertise of these various professionals in a way that provides you with confidence that your financial security may be achieved.

Terry D. Deever, CPA, CFP®